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3 Factors That Are Responsible For Currency Fluctuations

3 Factors That Are Responsible For Currency Fluctuations
Whether you are into forex trading or not, you must have been hearing that the dollar increased or decreased today, the price of XYZ currency is going against ABC currency and so on. All of this happens because the values of currencies are volatile and can change instantaneously. Various bodies keep a check on the currency values as the fluctuations in the currencies have a large impact on economies of the countries, foreign trade, etc. The fluctuations in currency values also impact business groups and individual traders of the currency exchange market.
As a forex trader, it is your job to keep a check on the fluctuations in currencies as it can be an opportunity for you. Though if you are not alert about the fluctuations you might have to suffer a loss. To predict the fluctuations in the currency values, you have to understand the factors influencing them. Go through this post to know 3 factors that are responsible for currency fluctuations.
1.Difference In The Impact Of The Inflation
Inflation has an impact on all the currencies but the degree of impact is differs in different countries. The countries where the impact is less, the value of the currency will increase and where the impact is more, the value will decrease. This is a basic concept for a forex trader, and what he or she should be concentrating on is the factors that impact inflation. Having an understanding of the various factors that impact inflation will allow the trader to read the market and decide if they are investing for or against a particular currency.

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2. Interest Rates Set By Central Banks
The exchange rates, inflation, and interest rates are all connected. The interest rates are regulated by the Central Banks and they do it to increase the interest rates. If the interest rates are set high by the Central Banks then the number of foreign investors will also increase. This will have a positive effect on the value of the currency.
As a forex trader, you can figure out if the value of a currency will increase or decrease if you know the pattern of central banks on changing the interest rates. The best part about forex trading is that whether a currency's value is increasing or decreasing, you can use the results to conveniently make profits.
3. How Is A Country Performing Economically
The economic condition of a country is responsible for the increase or decrease in the value of its currency. Better is the economic performance, more will be the interest of foreign investors and thus it is a chance for better currency value. As a forex trader, it will be a part of your job to be updated about the economical performances of various countries. This way you will have an idea of how a currency can rise or fall and thus you will be able to make your decisions on buying or selling a currency. If you have bought a currency whose value is increasing, you can keep it with you and sell it when you feel that it has reached its highest value. In case there is a currency whose value is low, but if you predict that the foreign investors are getting interested in it and that will lead to increase in value, you can purchase that currency at a low value and sell it later to make profits.
These 3 factors mentioned in this post will be of great help, especially to the new forex traders. If you are taking forex trading seriously and thinking of it as a full-time profession, then you should always be taking guidance from a mentor.
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